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Restaurant & Lounge
Cagney's Pizza King first opened as "J.B.'s Pizza King" in 1976. It was a small carry-out restaurant located on Howard Street, just east of South Harrison Street. The original owners were Jerry and Sarah Brown. 

About two years later, the restaurant was moved to East Broadway Street, next door to its current location. At the new location, dine-in service was offered and the menu was expanded with the addition of spaghetti specials, Mexican food, and salads. The restaurant soon became a very popular downtown lunch-hour choice, as well as a favorite spot for family dinners and a frequent gathering place for friends and families after an evening at the Cinema, home ball-games, and other local events.  

In 1985, Jerry purchased the building where the restaurant is currently located. After extensive remodeling at the new site, J.B.'s Pizza King opened as "Cagney's" in 1986. The new restaurant was much larger, and included a community meeting room and a full service lounge.  

In 2011, Jerry's long time business partner Scott Furgeson became the owner of Cagney's. Scott's first job was at J.B.'s Pizza King when he was 14 years old. He has played a variety of roles in the restaurant through the years, and he looks forward to carrying on the Cagney's tradition of offering quality food and service at reasonable prices in a comfortable atmosphere for many years to come.
Cagney's Pizza King is conveniently located at 33 East Broadway Street in downtown Shelbyville.